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The range of high quality hair and brands offered here at Smart Hair Extensions

We love that we now only offer our exclusive range of Russian hair extensions which is the highest quailty available. We have used many brands over the years however this very costly to clients and now we can provide the same high quailty hair at a more affordable price allowing all clients to have the best when you come to us. (The brands we used to offer were Easilocks, Remi Cachet and Fabulong.)


We fit all our hair using our own custom made to size copper tubes (Smart Locks™) these are fitted using no heat or glue and just simply clamped in place for a easy and virtually undetectable hair transformation.


Please book a consultation with one of our highly skilled hair extensionists who can answer any questions you may have.


We offer a larger amount of hair than others;

Full Heads 200 strands, 3/4 Head 150 strands, Half Head 100 strands, 1/4 Head 50 strands.


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