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Hair Loss Replacement Solutions

We offer two different opions of hair loss solutions dependant on which method is best suited for individual reasons.

Volumizer Solution


The volumizer is the very latest hair loss solution for very fine thinning hair, coverage of bald pathes, added volume ad density.

Constructed from the very finest mono silk base, made with the top quality European hair, the volumizer will blend invisibly into your own hgair and give you a solution that you can wear and give you a solution that you can wear continually and keep in tip top condition with regular salon visits.

No one will know the secret of your new hair and you will gain a new found confidence, and will not have to worry about your hair anymore.


European handmade/stitched volumizing piece fitted on top of the head using tiny pieces of tape within the volumizer causing no damage to the hair.


Smart Part (Rectangle piece going over the parting area)



Wonderfll Extra (Larger piece covering more of the top of the head)



Price includes the hair, fitting, cutting, stylig and special shampoo and conditioner.


Please note, we solely specialise only in hair extensions and unfortunately unable to offer any natural hair cutting/restyling, hair colouring and washing and blow drying.

We do however cut hair extensions to finish your new hair.


Re-fitting the hair piece every 4-6 weeks

1 hour to 1.5 hours £100-£150


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Smart Part Piece below

Examples of a fitted volumizer piece below

How the volumizer to attached using tiny tapes to secure in place

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