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LA WEAVE® loved by celebrities globally! The biggest, quickest & safest hair extension system! No Glue, No Heat, No Bond, No Braids & No Maintenance.

LA WEAVE® is fitted using micro rings and wefts to  be attached to the hair and worn for 8-12 weeks at a time before they need to be removed and refitted again.

                                18"/20" Brazilian

Full Head 200g     £360 with Roisin

3/4 Head 150g     £320 with Roisin

Half Head 100g    £260 with Roisin


Refitting Cost 8-10 weeks

Four rows    £95

Three rows  £80

Two rows     £60

One row      £50


Fix or Top Up

£30 per 30 minutes


Removal Cost

£30 per 30 minutes

FREE when having a NEW set fitted


Please note, we solely specialise only in hair extensions and unfortunately unable to offer any natural hair cutting/restyling, hair colouring and washing and blow drying.

We do however cut hair extensions to finish your new hair.

Benefits of the LA WEAVE


• 45 Minute Application • 15 Minute Removal

• No Bonds • No Glue • No Heat • No Plaits • No Cornrows

• 8-10 Weeks Life • 100% Re-usable