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Our Range

We offer our very own Russian remy human hair is double drawn meaning the same thickness from top to end creating a thicker fuller look throughout. This silky soft smooth hair will remain gorgeous time and time again even with washing. Sourced directly for Smart Hair Extensions and now is stocked at our salon for ease of fitting.

The hair itself can last anything up to 12 months however this does depend on the colour and the aftercare of the extensions.





Smart Locks® are new unique custom sized tiny locks and very lightweight and only available to Smart Hair Extensions™. Our Smart Locks® copper tubes are not to be confused with any other copper tubes available on the market. Smart Locks® are specially designed to size by Roisin Smart to be even more undetectable in the hair as they are extremly small unlike the standard copper tube on the market, Smart Locks® lay flatter, thinner and coloured to blend in with your own hair.


The hair extension is clamped tightly inside the ring holding it securely to your own hair leaving no damage to your hair. This method uses no glue, chemicals or heat. You can wash, blow-dry and style your hair as normal. They are very simple to remove and will leave your natural hair in perfect condition.


We have three difference experience levels of staff available

Over 6 Years - Roisin, Salon Owner

Over 1 Year - Extensionist

Over 3 Months - Training Extensionist


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Our Range of Russian double drawn 20"    

                                                                                        Roisin / Extensionist / Trainee

Full Head (for thick or very short hair)              £450 / £420 / ----                            

3/4 Head (for medium thickness)                    £375 / £345 / £300                          

Half Head (for fine hair or extra volume)          £300 / £270 / £230                          

1/4 Head (for vey fine hair or volume)            £200 / £180 / £140                            


Refitting Cost 8-10 weeks from April 2018

                            Roisin / Extensionist / Trainee

Full Head     £165 / £130 / ----

3/4 head      £145 / £110 / £90 

Half Head    £120 / £90 / £70

1/4 Head     £80 / £70 / £50 


Other Service Appointments from April 2018

                                 Roisin / Extensionist / Trainee

Fix or Top Up     £30* / £25* / £20 *per 30 minutes

Removal Cost    £30* / £25* / £20 *per 30 minutes

FREE when having a NEW set fitted at the same time as fitting appointment


All prices include VAT


We are currently training a new member of staff and will be looking for models for training at a reduced cost from mid June-July 2018


Thank you