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If you are looking for one of the most luxurious and high quality hair extensions available, then Remi Cachet is undoubtedly the brand of choice. The name Remi Cachet refers to the hair cuticles being kept intact (remi) to give the highest quality, and a mark of distinction (cachet). The mini tips are made from the softest keratin hair, making it easy to compress inside the Smart Lock®, cushioning the lock and allowing the hair to lay flat.


Made from the highest quality Russian human hair that has been hand selected. There is a plethora of colours and shades of hair to choose from, ensuring that the tips will blend in perfectly with your own hair.

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Remi Cachet Russian Remy double drawn 24inch


                                                                              Roisin / Extensionists / Trainee

Full Head (for thick or very short hair)              £610 / £580 / ----                            

3/4 Head (for medium thickness)                     £515 / £485 / ----                          

Half Head (for fine hair or extra volume)         £395 / £365 / ----                          

1/4 Head (for vey fine hair or volume)             £270 / £240 / ----                            


Refitting Cost 8-10 weeks from April 2018


                     Roisin / Extensionists / Trainee

Full Head     £165 / £130 / ----

3/4 head      £145 / £110 / ----

Half Head    £120 / £90 / ----

1/4 Head     £80 / £70 / ----


Other Service Appointments from April 2018

                                Roisin / Extensionists / Trainee

Fix or Top Up     £30* / £25* / --- *per 30 minutes

Removal Cost    £30* / £25* / --- *per 30 minutes

FREE when having a NEW set fitted at the same time as fitting appointment


Please note, we solely specialise only in hair extensions and unfortunately unable to offer any natural hair cutting/restyling, hair colouring and washing and blow drying.

We do however cut hair extensions to finish your new hair.


All prices include VAT