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Tape Hair Extensions

Quick Application - upto 45 minutes for a full head! 


We offer Russian remy human hair is double drawn meaning the same thickness from top to end creating a thicker fuller look throughout. This silky soft smooth hair will remain gorgeous time and time again even with washing.

Tape Hair Extensions are a fantastic way to add thickness and length very quickly with a full set taking up to 45 minutes to install.

Tape Extensions are fitted so they lay flat on the scalp and using two tapes to sandwich a section of your hair inside and secured in place for 8-10 weeks. This method is great for those who are in a rush or have fine hair.

The hair itself can last anything up to 9 months however this does depend on the colour and the aftercare of the extensions.



You can wash, blow-dry and style your hair as normal. They are very simple to remove and will leave your natural hair in perfect condition.


Please note - We currently do not stock this hair at the salon and we do require a consultation to colour match your hair to order the hair in for you.

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Russian double drawn 20"    


Full Head 80 tapees (for thick or very short hair)            £400                      

3/4 Head 60 tapes (for medium thickness)                    £330                          

Half Head 40 tapes (for fine hair or extra volume)          £250                        

1/4 Head 20 tapes (for vey fine hair or volume)            £160                            


Refitting Cost 8-10 weeks 


Full Head     £140

3/4 head      £120

Half Head    £100 

1/4 Head     £70


Other Service Appointments


Fix or Top Up     £30*per 30 minutes

Removal Cost    £30 per 30 minutes

FREE when having a NEW set fitted at the same time as fitting appointment


Please note, we solely specialise only in hair extensions and unfortunately unable to offer any natural hair cutting/restyling, hair colouring and washing and blow drying.

We do however cut hair extensions to finish your new hair.


All prices include VAT


Currently unable to offer Tape Extensions due to searching for a new UK supplier