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New Trial Russian Hair Policy


As this is a trial of new hair via a direct manufactor we have been advised the hair is high quaility Russian hair. We are unable to offer refunds or any discounts if for what ever reason the hair is faulty or not the standard we hoped for. This is purely a trial and by agreeing to take part in this trial you are on the understanding that you take a risk in the results of the hair. As we hope the hair is as good as expected and we are personally wearing the hair ourselves too.

Please advice us of any issues first hand and be willing to recieve information on the help of aftercare and products needed to care for the hair. We ask for any feedback to only be passed to us dircetly and not be dishonour our brand as result of this trial results.


Thank you for taking part :)


Special Offers


•Not to be used in conjuction with any other offer or any other service


•Does NOT incude shampoo and conditioner or other service appointments in the offer


•Offer are NOT available on clip in hair extensions or any hair products or gift vouchers unless otherwise stated


•Full terms and conditions still apply


Full Terms and Conditions


•Prices are subject to change at any time without notice


•Cancellation & rescheduling appointments require a minimum of 48 hours notice to allow appointment to be available for other clients. Any cancellations or rescheduling inside of this time, will incure a fee charge of 50% of the appointment if you have not provided a minimum of 48 hours notice. No shows for appointments are charged at the full rate of the appointment and will be required to be paid before any future bookings are made.


•Deposits are Non Refundable and are required on booking of a fitting after consultation this is to cover the majority cost of ordering your hair and to secure your fitting appointment. If you do wish to cancel your fitting appointment your deposit will not be refunded for any reason


•Smart Hair Extensions are not responsible for any damage caused to your natural hair due to not following the correct aftercare given and also will not be held accountable for the condition of your hair extensions if the recommended hair products are not used. Smart Hair Extensions only advise the use of Smart Hair Care Products or Easilocks Hair Products (depending on which method fitted). If you do not use these products only you are liable for the costs of replacing your hair extensions


•Smart Hair Extensions are not liable for any additional costs you may incur for any other services including any hair extension services. This also includes if you are not following the correct aftercare and the hair extensions have slipped down or come out. This is your responsibly to ensure you are following the aftercare provided and you are liable for all costs to correct your hair extensions


•Please contact me with any queries you may have and allow enough and suitable time to be resolved.  Deposits are non-refundable under any circumstance however a partial refund maybe issued if there is an admissible and legitimate reason whereby an issue has been unable to be resolved. ie maintenance check / refitting /  possible new hair fitted. If you do not wish to proceed with resolving the issues first hand, a partial refund will not be provided as Smart Hair Extensions have been unable to resolve a issue whereby not being allowed to resolve the issue or problem in full


•Any outstanding balances for products are still to be paid. Late payment for more than three days will incur a £25 charge


•Smart Hair Extensions are not responsible for keeping you informed of your up keep appointments but will endeavour to let you know where possible. All appointments are the responsibility of the client only and are to be made by you as the client in advance to enable available appointments


•Smart Hair Extensions only use Genuine 100% Indian Remy human hair  & 100% Russian Remy human hair which is sourced directly from a UK supplier


•Smart Hair Extensions reserves the right to refuse service at any point if there is a legitimate reason to do so


•Smart Hair Extensions do not offer finance nor payment plans for services and hair extensions. Payments are to be made in full on the day of your appointment


•All content on Smart Hair website and any social network sites are made and owned by Smart Hair Extensions. Any details or photos that have been copied will result in civil action being taken


For reference for all clients - Consultation information read and signed on your consultation below;


Preparation & Aftercare advice to follow at home

•On the day of fitting & before all appointments I will wash hair using no conditioner, fully dry & straighten hair & do this on all upkeep appointments (if unclean you maybe asked to return another date)

•I will brush my hair extensions regularly throughout the day (at least a minimum of twice a day)

•I am aware I should only wash my extensions with recommended Smart Hair Products or Easilocks Hair Products (Shampoo & Conditioner) depending on which brand you have fitted as I know if I do not I know it may damage the hair extensions & soften to tips of the extensions & it may shed & become thin

•I will always fully dry my hair & hair extensions & will never leave them wet to dry or for a long period of time

•I will use Moroccan Argan Oil or Easilocks Rose Gold Oil regularly, also use Heat protection every time I dry & style my hair

•I will only have a hairdresser to colour/dye my roots/t-bar & will not put any on the extensions

•Before sleeping I will always brush & then plait my hair extensions

•When I go to the Gym, sauna, steam room & swimming I will wash my hair & fully dry after & I will not get my hair wet whilst swimming in the pool/sea

•I will purchase a Tangle Tamer brush made by Denman


•I have been given a full Smart Hair Extensions aftercare booklet which includes the terms & conditions or the Easilocks aftercare (depending on which method is fitted) & I will read this in full & follow the aftercare & I will keep to refer to when needed & contact Smart Hair Extensions with any issues as soon as possible to resolve


Consultation terms & conditions

I have answered all questions truthfully including reviewing the medications list & I am currently not taking any of the listed medication also all the information filled out on the consultation form known to be correct. It has been explained to myself how to care for the hair extensions & what tools I will require to care for them. I am aware if I do not follow directions & recommendations of Smart Hair Extensions, which only I as the client am at fault & am liable for the cost of any services to rectify.

I am aware that Smart Hair Extensions will not liable for any damage to my natural hair or to the hair extensions if the correct aftercare is not followed & I have not returned for the recommended upkeep appointments every 8-10 weeks.

I have been provided with an aftercare including the terms & conditions booklet & advised a copy is available to view at any point on Smart Hair Extensions website & I will read fully & keep to refer to.

I understand that my deposit is non-refundable under no circumstance & I will have to contact Smart Hair Extensions with any queries or issues first hand & allow for these to be resolved as per T&C.

I am aware that the above costs are liable to change at any point without notice. Please refer back to Smart Hair Extensions website for the up to date prices.

I am aware that the up keep appointments are recommended & I will keep up with the appointments & ensure to book the appointments in advance & pay for all appointments in full on the day of the appointment. I am aware that Smart Hair Extensions do not offer any credit or payment plans for any services. I am also aware that I am to provide 48 hours notice for any cancellations or rescheduled appointments if I do not, I understand I will be charged a fee of 50% of my appointment each time. No shows for appointments are charged at the full rate of the appointment and will be required to be paid before any future bookings are made.

Terms and Conditions